Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monday Memories…

Happy Monday…

I just thought I would share some summertime photos that I’ve collected in the past few months…

In other words…nothing new going on here…

image Words of Wisdom found on a restaurant’s bulletin board…

image This car reminded me of this…

image I hope I haven’t insulted some macho guy about his car, but it just reminded me

of sunflowers !!!




Just a random shot of some corn…we are basically an agricultural area and we have lots

of acres of corn and soybeans…yes it is an allergy sufferer’s “paradise”…

image The ivy is still growing up the front of my front porch…it has been too hot

to do anything about it…

image We saw this at a concert recently…he/she wasn’t the entertainment,

just someone in the audience…makes you wonder where I went, doesn’t it???

image This is one of my very favorite photos of this summer. Col. and Mrs.. Harding…they lost a political race

but it awes me at what they won…the admiration of so many people in our area for one of the

true heroes of the US… (Col. Harding is the 20the most decorated person in the US Armed Forces)

Barbara is the wife who gave him the strength…I’m so proud to call this couple our friends!!!

image P.J. Kellogg, a local Marine, ran 50 miles in the horrible heat honoring his fallen comrade, Izzy O’Bryan, and my blogger buddies

emailed Izzy’s Mom which made me a proud blogger…what a wonderful community we have formed, coming

from all over the world “in friendship”…

image RIP Izzy…


  1. Wow, you have a fantastic array of beautiful and unusual photos!!

    I love the sign: 'Unattended children will be sold as slaves'...... that is so cute!

    I can't imagine running 50 miles in cool weather, much less this heat.... A big thank you and congratulations to our fallen soldiers..

  2. Love the signs on the restaurant billboard! I have seen the one about children before and always get a chuckle from it. But I really loved the one about "Caution Men at Work" that was just too funny! The car does resemble a flower! It really would be interesting to know where you went for the concert considering the apparel of that attendee! What a wonderful memorial to Izzy O’Bryan.

    Hope you are having a fantastic day!

    ~ Tracy

  3. Love the photos! The bulletin board words of wisdom is great! Men at work...SOOOO FUNNY! :)

  4. Hi Becky, You have posted some great SUMMER photos... It has been horribly hot here also this summer.. That is rare for us since we are 2000 feet up on the Cumberland Plateau. I hate the heat... That is why our recent trip was so nice... The temps were wonderful on the Blue Ridge Parkway... Amazing!!!!!

    Thanks for the pictures.

  5. I love the words of wisdom from the restaurant. I also like your sunflowers. I don't think the driver of the car would mind at all about the connection you made.

  6. Gorgeous sunflowers... they are my favorite in the summertime. Seems like last year I photographed them in August, but this year it was so hot I think they all bloomed and were gone by late July. Very hot here today. Hope you are fairing well in the heat.




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