Monday, October 18, 2010

Photo Editing And No Supper…

I was hand washing various things that were setting around this morning and I decided that I would decorate my buffet and photograph it…well, there goes any housework for the rest of the day!!! It is a good thing I had already gotten the dishes washed and the laundry done or it would still be staring me in the face tonight…No supper plans yet…should have done that first thing…

This is what I started with…
an old green lemon juicer
an old clear lemon juicer
an old blue Ball jar with the lid
a lacy little apron I bought this summer
a doily
all of which had been freshly dusted and the glassware washed…
How does that stuff get so dirty when I keep it put away???

image I straightened it some in Picasa…not all the way…I would have lost the top of the jar if it had been completely straight…

image I lightened by about 90 percent…(of the fill light band)

image I added about 20 percent of the highlight band…

image Then I added about 25 percent of the shadow band…I wanted to get a good shadow of the blue jar on the wood…

image I went just a smidgen (technical term:-)) toward the blue spectrum (left side) of the color temperature in order to get a little bit more blue in the jar…





image Then I couldn’t decide how to crop…

imageBlack and White

image Glow…all the way

imageIt doesn’t even look like what I started out with!!!
Do you ever get caught up in this editing thing???

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  1. Love your photos (and the pretty blue ball jar)!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog as well (I replied to you there, but wanted to post here to be sure you'd see it and to tell you that your blog is beautiful!)

  2. You take great Pictures!! Love the way the light casts shadows thru the glass. I have 3 blue Bell jars from my Grandmother. Thank you so much for visiting my site and commenting! Being new to the blog world it's exciting to have a visitor! Following your blog and would love to see you on mine.
    Many blessings, Denise

  3. Oh I don't do any of the editing, however your pics are all wonderful. I love this little vignette, such simple things and so beautiful all together. Love it. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hey girl, you 'done' good on all the pictures!!! I love the juicer.... I remember my mother having one like that..... and to think that I probably gave it to Good Will..... Goodness....!!!!
    Your pictures always look great!!!

  5. Oh isn't it so much fun! I too can get caught up in playing with a photo and looking at all the amazing ways it can be enhanced!!
    I love how you made the blue in the jar stand out!

  6. What a simple yet lovely display of things! I use picnik all the time for editing and I can be working for hours and not even realize it!!

    bee blessed

  7. I am more comfortable with Picnik for editing but I am trying to learn more about Picasa. Yes, it is way too much fun to edit photos. I have not tried black and white, but that is a way cool effect. Thanks for visiting tonight and introducing me to your blog, I enjoyed it very much.

  8. Great photos, have you tried Picnik? Love it. tons of fun, too. and yes, you can spend all day!!

  9. I stay away from editing!! I spend too much time on the computer and can't add more by doing that! LOL!

    Very nice vignette! Love the vintage pieces!

    You have a beautiful blog! The little girl in the banner photo is precious!


  10. I like all your editing. I don't think I could pick out a single version as better than any of the others. Once I start experimenting I lose all track of time.

  11. I loved traveling along with you on the photo editing. I am just learning and you taught me a lot. It was fun to see what each step did. They were all gorgeous.

    I know what you mean, I can get messing with my photos and my blogging and who knows where the time goes. Hubby is off on a business trip in china with the only teenager left at home so I am having fun on the blog and no one to complain or want dinner.

  12. Very interesting seeing your editing of photos. You have a beautiful blog.

  13. Simple but so elegant. you are creative with the editing. I love your background too. Linda

  14. I've become so lazy about editing my photos because it ate up too much of my time, although photos look much better sometimes when tweaked a bit.

    Love the Ball jar. Ball was my great grandmother's maiden name.


  15. Love your photos. I have been using Picasa too, but haven't taken it quite as far as you have. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas. I'm going to be more aggressive with my photos now.

  16. I so totally get caught up in the photo editing, but for me it's because I know just enough about it to make me very dangerous. I have PhotoShop & know that I've barely tapped the surface on what the capabilities are, but it's fun. You're doing an amazing job.

  17. I liked the photo, even before the edit. i like the light coming thru the colored glass - so pretty.

  18. Beautiful results! Looks like you had fun, too! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  19. Thanks so much for sharing all this info. I'm still learning to edit pictures and this was so helpful! Your photos are beautiful!

  20. Yes, I do get caught up in editing. I drive my husband nuts showing him all the weird things I come up with.

  21. Great photos and shadow shots and you did have fun this morning, didn't you?! I love it! I do the same thing -- good thing no one is waiting on a meal!! Have a great weekend!


  22. Very pretty vignettes that share her gracious shadows to us.

    Job well done...

  23. i'm glad i'm not the only one that plays around and around with photos..
    i love various shapes and colours of the glass too..
    i like the long skinny crop.

  24. lovely pics, also love the jar and great shadows too.

  25. I like what you've done with the editing. It's hard to know when to stop as it can be fun! Have a great week :)

  26. Ha! Love what you did with your photos. Who needs supper anyway. :)

  27. pretty shadows, I love them in black and white too!

  28. Beautiful shadows you've got here.!

    Jack-O-Lantern shadows, have a blessed Sunday!!

  29. Beautiful photos. Yes, I do get caught up in the editing. It's fun to try different perspectives with the photos.



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