Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Favorite Pizza Eatery, TFA and A Political Meeting (plus an elusive guest)!!!

We attend several meetings on a regular basis here in our corner of the world…a lot of them are held right here in this little restaurant. They have a meeting room that accommodates probably 50 people and it works well for meetings.

Welcome to Snappy Tomato Pizza!!!


image These two ladies greeted us when we got there!!!


image These girls make a mean loaded potato pizza…which is my very favorite…

Hubby is crazy about the Snapoli!!!

Dessert…our favorite is cinnamon breadsticks!!!


imageThis lovely lady is Miss Hattie Lou…

I’ll tell you a little about her…

She owned the most popular floral shop in this town for decades and decades…

She furnished the flowers for my first wedding

in 1970 and then did the same for my daughter’s wedding in 2000.

She knows everyone in this little town.

I’ve laughed at her stories about how a “drunk” Father of the bride got locked in his car (accidentally of course) during the ceremony and how she handled little demon flower girls

and ring bearers!!! Ohhhh, the stories this lady has to tell!!!

She was a good friend of my Mom’s and it is so special to get to see her these days!!!

Miss Hattie Lou is greatly loved and respected in our town!!!


image This is Miss Marlene!!!

She is also a life long resident of our town…know by everyone and loved by all!!!


Miss Marlene and Miss Hattie Lou have been known to get into a few “incidents” together…


Yall should know about fine Southern Ladies…they live life with a lot of Fire!!!


image This is Mrs.. Tina Elgin and Mr.. Bill Sanderson…

Mrs.. Elgin is Mr.. Sanderson’s campaign manager…boy has she got a job!!! Mr.. Sanderson is the candidate for State Representative of our District…

We attended this meeting in order to hear him speak to a group of Tennessee Firearms Association members.


image We met some great people at this meeting…The couple on the top left lived in California

for many years and Hubby enjoyed talking with them since he is a native Californian.

The man with the beard in the bottom right photo is the owner of “Armed Response Training

Academy”…that is where you go to get a certified by the state to carry a handgun. He

is all about safety and training.


imageGuys are always so happy to get their photo made (not)!!! LOL…


image I went back in my files to get this shot of Mr.. Bill Sanderson and his lovely wife Valerie…

somehow I failed to get

her photo tonight!!!


image This past Tuesday night we also helped to host a political meeting at our friends’ house…

these are a few shots from this meeting…


image Miss Sue made a “to die for chocolate sheet cake”…

yes I asked for some slices to take home with me…I have no pride!!!


image These were delicious!!!


image We were all on our best behavior!!! Do you see why???


image This guy is so elusive when it comes to my camera…

and he comes to “every” meeting we have…

see how clear all the photos look until I try to crop a photo of him…

see how fuzzy they get…do you think it’s something strange???

I am determined to get a good photo of this elusive gentleman!!!


imageWe furnished  a few hors dourves and it was a great meeting…and I behaved!!!


  1. And, we have given you a gold star for being a good girl! Cute write ...

    Have a great weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Wow...all that good food! Looks like a bunch of great people, too.

  3. That loaded potato pizza sounds delicious. I would love to have that some time.
    Obviously your elusive guest doesn't want to be photographed checking up on people!

  4. Loaded pizza sounds so good. Looks like a fun time and great company :)



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