Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pets and Pumpkins

Do you need some inspiration for getting into the mood for fall???
I have some for you…
Our community Corn Fest was Saturday…
It is always a feast for the eyes…

imageI shot this from the park where the pet parade was held…
this is the first time we had a carnival across the street!!
See the rolling “bed” on the left…they race beds!!!

image This little “punkin” loved the Toy Story decorated chair!!!
Yep…even had a decorated chair contest…
…and obviously face painting was part of the fun!!!

image Lots of eye candy here!!!
Yep, he’s mine!!!

image Jeremiah on the slide!!!

image There’s Jeremiah’s Dad and little sis!!!

imageWhat a doll!!!

image What Dad could resist this???

image The couple who grow these gorgeous pumpkins live in our little community…
She is a professional artist…her medium??? Pumpkins!!!

image A little later on, I’ll hopefully get to photograph her in action!!!

image This lady is Ms. Zoe!!!
She is one of those hard workers who put on the pet show…
Thank you Ms. Zoe!!!
You did a wonderful job!!!

image Beautiful pair of dogs!!!…and people!!! It was a pet show after all!!!

image Look…the cutest “ear of corn” dog…just a little partial here…my grandpuppy “Sassy”!!!

image Look…my granddoggie!!! The human is mine also!!!

image Girl’s “best friend”…


  1. Hi Sweetie...
    Oh thank you SO much for taking me along to the parade and carnival. I love the rolling bed. I hope you got some pics of that contest.

    Oh how precious is the little ear of corn. Love the little face. Did he/she win? If not she/he sure should have. That is the sweetest darn costume I have seen in a long while.

    Loved the little painted chairs. What a wonderful idea for little odds and ends of chairs with no mates. I love it. I am sure that was popular with the kids.

    Weren't the pumpkins and gourds just beautiful? I would love to be able to go to a real pumpkin patch and chose a pumpkin. Most of the ones here in Phoenix are just to far to go to. Sadly I shop at the local grocery for mine.

    Thanks again for the beautiful share. What a wonderful time I have had today. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Oh what a fun looking event!!! I love all your pictures ....your 'people' are beautiful/handsome too!

  3. Very nice, Becky... I think I remember when they had the pet parade last year. Looks like a great festival for everyone. NOW---please make the weather cooler so that it will feel like Fall ... Okay????? ha ha


  4. I'm ready for Fall after seeing this pictures of your community festival. It looks as if everyone had a great time. I really liked that 'corn dog'.



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