Monday, September 13, 2010

As Professional As We Can Be


image Linda

When an informal group of people form a group in order to accomplish some goal, there is always someone who comes forth as the natural leader. This lady is a born leader. Miss Linda is a lifelong friend who was in my graduating class in high school. She was always smart, quick and a joy to be friends with. It has been such a pleasure to watch how she has matured into one of those natural leaders!!!




image  Billy and Linda



She has pulled together a small group of adults who would much rather visit and talk with each other into a group of people working for a common goal. Our common goal is a nice 40-year reunion for the classmates of our high school. We’re scattered near and far and it’s been fun finding out about everyone. It has been sad to realize close to twenty of our classmates are deceased. Out of a class of less than two hundred, that’s a pretty significant number.


image Reunion Volunteers and Spouses

Hank and Donna, Michael and Becky, Linda, Mitzi, Loretta and James

Jackie and Lou


Miss Linda has my respect for being such a super organized person…she has everything from the last reunion and I’m beginning to think she has everything she collected from high school…and knows where it all is!!! I have a lot of the same “stuff”, I just don’t have a clue as to where it is. Organization is Linda’s middle name, I’m sure.


image We are all such professional and mature individuals, aren’t we Greg???


When we all get together, we’re like a group of teenagers…all with our own fun agenda!!! Linda laughs with us, or at us and gets us on track once again. She has learned to be the deciding vote on issues and delegates with authority and a smile!!!


image Here, I’m trying to drum up a little support for myself since I was the one who didn’t get my job done this time…I tried to weasel out of anybody finding out about it…but it didn’t work….I’m sorry…(head bowed in shame)…







image“outtakes…aka..the real “us””

See Linda is ready for the shot while the rest of us are still goofing off…

Thank you Linda…for being you…and for putting up with all of our “antics”… You are the driving force behind our class reunion and we all respect you for that. You knew when you started the project that it is a “THANKLESS” job, but you took it on with that great attitude you have…

We do appreciate everything you do!!!


imageThis is one super group of people and I’ve loved being with all of them!!!

(Why does Donna have a cast on her foot??? What is it with James and the segway???

Which lady is the Mayor’s wife???, Why does Greg speak Turkish??? Where in the world was Billy when we took all of those group photos??? Why does Linda know all of those criminals lawyers and convicted felons??? Who should you call if the IRS is after you???


  1. Looks like you are going to have one whizbang of a reunion!

    have fun -- remember, the women all look better than the men; we have the tools!

  2. Great group of friends, Becky... I can tell how serious you ALL are.... Seems like someone could loosen up a little and have some fun!!!!! ha ha ha

  3. Great photos, Becky...... your group looks like such a close knit group of friends.... having fun. What a fun reunion y'all will have.

  4. What a nice tribute to a to a natural leader.

  5. Great photos, Becky! How fun is that, getting together after all these years. Thank God for Linda for being a leader...Christine



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