Sunday, August 1, 2010

Peeking Through Kitchen Chairs…

image A Peek Into What Is Going On In My House…

image Thrifty finds that I’ve certainly enjoyed shopping for…

image I found this little gem this week for thirty dollars…

imageIt needs some work…maybe some paint…what do you think???
Paint or just a refinish???
imageThe American by Fostoria serving dishes and the scarf all came from thrift shops recently…and I didn’t buy all of the Fostoria
since there was a lady behind me with that “drooling” look we are all so familiar with…
I just smiled and placed one divided dish back on the shelf…
she dove in with both hands!!! Just the look on her face was worth it!!!

imageBuddy is checking out the new chest after I stored some goodies in it…
I think everything in here except for a couple of pieces also are thrifted…
I’m sensing a real problem with this thrifting thing…it’s addictive…

imageWhoever owned this was very conscientious in putting this on the inside with tacks…
it was made in Chattanooga, Tn.  that was a bonus…
with a light sanding I think the cedar will smell just as good as new…

imageCraftsmanship…and this company was very proud of their work!!!

imageA little set of s & p shakers I found…

imageMy best friend Jackie gave me these great glasses…
I just love the colored stripes that are on them…
They just beg for a milkshake or an ice cream float!!!
Sounds like a great weekend idea Jackie!!!

imageI found this candleholder yesterday at the thrift shop and filled it from my cabinets…
It cost two dollars and seventy-five cents…

image image
Zoe says she is tired of Buddy getting all of the it's her turn!!!
Yes, the classic “Zoe do”…half of a haircut…I sure dread the other “half”…

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  1. I really enjoyed my peek at your most recent purchases. You've found some real treasures. That cedar chest is amazing- what great condition it is in, and you are so right about the pride in craftsmanship - they just don't make things like that any more. Love those cute sundae glasses, and I love the way you filled your pretty candleholder! Thank you for linking to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  2. First of all, Zoe is precious!! She looks like a little angel. Now, that trunk for $30.00 is the deal of the century!!! I definitely vote painting it a shabby finish. I think it would bring out the detail in it. Congrats on a great find! And yes, I do think thrifting is addictive but in a good way :-)

  3. Cute as a button Zoe! That trunk/hope chest is gorgeous! I'd NEVER paint it, what a bargain. Would love to have those glasses .. are they new or old?

    Pop by for our giveaway!
    Have a beautiful summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. That candleholder looks perfect filled like that!

    I say live with your new gem a while and then decide whether to paint of refinish. Time will give you the answer.


  5. Great finds! Stopping by from Southern Hospitality!


  6. Fabulous finds and Zoe is a doll!

  7. Your sweet puppies are adorable! I'll be posting pictures of my daughters precious Shih Poo Chorizo this week. Please stop by and say hi.

    I know what you mean about thrifting addiction. We need to join a support group, hahaha. I went thrifting today but just to look. I'm not allowing myself to buy anything until I hold a yard sale to get rid of the 700 boxes of thrifting treasures sitting in my garage.

  8. I'm not against painting some things, but I really feel this piece should stay as it is. Rather than actually refinishing, I think I'd start with a serious cleaning and then polish. It's amazing what just cleaning off years of use will do! In any case it's fabbo--almost as cute as those pups!

  9. Great treasures! Your pups are so cute.

  10. ZOE! I love you--I do!

    That is a sweet chest! Love the cedar....

  11. Beautiful chest and wonderful storage. I'd be very interested in how you decide to finish it. Are you using it as a coffee table? Good idea!

  12. That cedar chest is really a treasure! What a wonderful find. I'd love it painted but wouldn't have the nerve to do it!! (I'm a big help!)
    My husband was 29 yrs in the Air Force, hence all our moves.
    I loved your hurricane globe. I have one but didn't know what to put in it! I'll clean out my pantry!! Great idea.

  13. Great buy on the cedar chest. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
    Toni ♥

  14. Great chest! I am lovin' those glasses, how fun!

  15. Love Zoe and Buddy, so cute :) You got such great finds!

  16. The chest is beautiful! I hope you keep it as is. Check out this post about using oil and vinegar on old wood. I haven't tried it yet but I have an old dresser that I want to try it on.

  17. Wow---you got some great items, Becky... The huge Highway 127 Yard Sale begins here next week... There are already all kinds of tents and table set up along the highway.... They say one can get some GREAT buys at these sales... But--since I'm not a shopper, I stay away from things like that....

    However, I LOVE your new cedar chest.... That is amazing... And to think that you got it for $30... WOW!!!!! That's fabulous... I wouldn't paint it--but would just stain it and keep the original colors.... But--you have to do what YOU want to do.


  18. Great finds and yes thrifting is addictive. I love that chest and I would probably paint it.

  19. Beautiful house and mosaic. Love the chest as well. And Zoe so adorable.
    Happy Monday.

    " Regina

  20. I vote for painting, but then I think whatever you do will be wonderful. I am following you back! It is so nice to meet you. Seems like you have some wonderful finds. I am going to go out and try this this week. I haven't done the thrifting yet, my thrifting has been TJ MAXX/Homegoods. Everyone gets such wonderful things that I want to try it.

  21. It’s nice to see blogs who are promoting the act of being thrifty. I really love your finds, they are nice and great. I would love to have them soon. This will definitely worth the try! :)

    May Your Day Be Lovely,
    The Muse

  22. Oh my gosh is that just a wonderful idea for autumn! I love the colors and the way it looks on your table. Great idea!

    Oh, and Zoe is absolutely adorable.

    Peace and health to you,

  23. Your puppies are adorable. I love the chest and all your other great finds. Was very kind of you to leave some of the fostoria for the drooling lady. I am sure she was pleased.

  24. You certainly have found some real treasures while 'thrifting'! I remember the smell of cedar chests from one my mother had.

  25. What lovely things you've found!! I just love that the previous owner made sure to tuck the chest's "documents" in there!

  26. Love all your finds! Cute pics of your dogs too!

  27. oh, I would definitly paint it!!!
    and my camera is about 10 years old, its a cannon power shot, thanks for the sweet comment!

  28. I think you got a few lovely pieces there.

  29. The chest is a gem but I'm partial to the colorful glasses. I'd use them for ice cream sundaes! Yummmmm! (Or orange juice). Thanks for stopping by last week. We were traveling so I'm just catching up. Jane F.

  30. Zoe and Buddy are such sweet dogs.. they steal the scene in this post :)

    I love the cedar chest you found at such a wonderful price! I like the original color and designs so I think a refinishing would be all that I would do if it were mine.

    You are a wonderful thrifter!

  31. Wow! That is a great find, solid wood chest for $30 with all that carving? Lucky you! Great other finds too...Christine

  32. Great finds. I love the chest. I would paint it and then antique to bring out the details.
    Zoe is so cute. Her cut looks like Skipper's,my little Shih-tzu. He gets half a cut and then I have to build up nerve to cut the bitey end!

  33. Wow, what an amazing purchase for $30.00.... Your dogs are so cute!!

  34. Hi Becky,
    You made some good purchases! I must shop GW and such places more often. My only problem is that if something comes in, most likely something has to go to accomodate it.

  35. I hadn't finished my comment when it got published for some reason.

    Anyway...the chest is cool, but it's not a "Louis XIV" so do what you want with it. I'm really liking the new way to do dining tables with the antique white base and keeping the wood top. Then you have the best of both worlds. Keep the wood top (perhaps a bit lighter stain?) and antique/lightly distress the bottom?

    Let me know which way you go!


  36. Oh I just adore that piece for a score of 30.00 Holy Cow that was great! Cute icecram float glasses too...we would use those all the time in our house.

  37. I have a runner(scarf) like yours that my grandmother made. It has a different lace edging and the birds are a different color. It must have been a popular pattern back around 1910-1930.

  38. Wonderful finds, but please---no paint, just refinish that gorgeous old cedar chest.



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