Friday, July 23, 2010

“The Election Isn’t Over…We’ve Already “Won”…”

Huh…Tiffany said this to Michael and me last night…“we’ve already won”,  she wasn’t talking about the winning number

of votes but the value of running this campaign in our great nation!!!


image This is Tiffany’s fiancé…

Mr. Randy Smith of Jackson, TN. is running for the Republican nomination to run

as their candidate for the eighth Congressional District of Tennessee.


imageThis is Tiffany and Randy…Randy is the chef at Baudo’s Restaurant in Jackson…

and what a chef…here’s what we had to eat after talking to Randy and Tiffany and some of their children…


image Michael had the stuffed Grouper….with that gorgeous sauce…


image This is my chicken Picatta…I cut it so you could see that luscious chicken and that

sauce was a lovely light lemony concoction…served with pasta…it was divine!!!


image This is Randy showing us his antique wine press…Randy’s Grandfather actually used this press

in Chicago…(not in TN). I love that they can display something that has a lovely family history.

Family and the love of family is such an important characteristic for a political candidate…

Randy told me about his children with a beaming face and a giggle that only a Grandad can carry off.

Yes, he is the grandfather of Connor, who is one year old. Connor’s Dad is Randy’s oldest son Dion.

Sydney is Randy’s adult daughter and …


image This is the hug that I caught between Randy and Nicoletta…Nicoletta is 10 years old and a

darling little lady!!!


image “Lemme see that…”…my first photo caught this little guy, Peyton who is four…that’s not furry hair, it’s a hat…


image This is Mr. Jackson, who is six, he came prepared!!! …for anything…


image This family portrait says it all…Randy Smith…YOU HAVE ALREADY WON and it

is not even election day!!! You’ve won the love and respect of a great number

of people, including your family, in the eighth congressional district. You won our hearts and respect the first time you

whipped that tattered copy of the Constitution out of your breast pocket…and it wasn’t a political ploy…because we know

that you believe in that document and honor all of the people who have fought so diligently to preserve it.



image You’ve WON because these two ladies, Tiffany and your beautiful Mother, Sharon know exactly who you are

and where you stand. YOU’VE WON because you devoted four years during Desert Storm in the US Navy serving

aviation ordnance for the A-6.


imageYou’ve already  WON because these precious people are safe…


imageYou’ve already WON because of your work and support of all these people…silently and in the background…

like so many heroes do…

You’ve weathered this tough campaign at your own expense. You and Tiffany have conducted the most respectful campaign

of all the candidates. My compliments to the two of you for not allowing negativity to taint your campaign.


imageThis is Randy Smith and his political opponents

Dr. Ron Kirkland

Mr. Steve Fincher

Dr. George Flinn

I have met and talked to each of these men several times recently and I suspect

that each one of them have somewhat similar stories to Randy…similar but different. We have four very good candidates,

four very good men…not perfect men…by uniting we can do anything in the name of Jesus Christ is my

prayer for each one of you!!! Good luck Randy and all of the opponents. Each one of you are winners!!!


Now I just want to share some more of my photos…as you can see, I had a blast with this family!!!  Maybe I should call these the “Out takes”…










Guess which one was the most “challenging”???


  1. I hope Randy Smith does very well in the primary. I'd vote for him if I lived in that district.

  2. What a dear and precious family! Randy has already accomplished so much!



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