Monday, September 7, 2009

Eight years ago…

Eight years ago…9-7-01 We were a nation of naive people…thinking that we were safe…only four days later…we were attacked by foreign powers, they used our own freedoms to viciously attack us…the fredoms that so many have died and sacrificed for.

Now we have to fight for those same freedoms again…within our own country…Our country was found with religious principles which are being taken away from us….It hasn’t been an overnight takeover…it has been happening for many years. It is just now that we have been awakened  !!!

The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us back to the day after 9-11-01…when we were all brothers and sisters in a united country…the way we should be now. We should all be standing and applauding the way our country is supposed to work. Freedoms, competition, freedom of speech and so many other things we have taken for granted are in jeopardy. Please God,  may we stand together as true believers in your grace- for our country relies on your goodness.

Please forgive my soapbox moment…I just needed to say this…


Wishing all of you a beautiful holiday!!!


  1. Heartfelt and loving sentiments. It's so sad that the country so soon forgot who God is. I feel the same as you. Thankyou for voicing your opinion. God is the only answer for this country. Health care reforms, etc. will not take care of our problems, only a change in men's hearts.

  2. Becky, I so love this post. It is true, and sad that our country has forgotten "God". This horrific invasion that we all suffered, was not just to bring us together for that moment of the crisis, it was meant to bring us together forever. Instead I feel as tho we have been crumbling a little each day. I continue to pray for a miracle for this country of ours. Debra is right, health care reforms will not take care of our problems. Thanks for sharing this beautiful Monday Labor day. Country hugs, Sherry

  3. The comments above all mention somethings that we need to look at. This didn't happen over night. Where were we when it was simmering on the back of the burner? I believe it started back in the 60's. It is a fine line between a protest and a movement. A bunch of protests here and there over the years makes a movement. Prayers for us all.

  4. I'm so glad to be talking with people that feel the way I do! I love your blog and your photos are absolutely beautiful! You have a real talent!

  5. I totally agree Becky. We are finally waking up as a country. There's alot more which needs to be done--but we're off to a good start.


  6. great post...It was a wake up call that was too soon forgotten by not just your country...but all the world!

  7. Four students at my daughters' high school lost their fathers that day in 2001, and as we drove home from the school we could not see lower Manhattan from a high point on the road -- it was completely obscured with thick black smoke. It was a fluke that my husband was not in NYC that morning; he was a reporter and would have been sent right to the site.

    We haven't forgotten that day, or the months of military trucks and checkpoints everywhere, or how all local construction stopped because all of the heavy equipment was at the WTC site, or how our EMT friends were called there, only to come home exhausted and heartsick; there was no one to treat.

    It left a huge hole in the heart of NYC and its people, and we are still feeling its effects -- from the missing part of our skyline, to the people --mostly first-responders-- being treated at local hospitals, who are dying because of what they inhaled in the aftermath and cleanup.

    I hope we as citizens can find a way to work together rationally and kindly and without rancor, and that it won't take another attack or disaster to make us realize how precious we are to one another, and how precious is our United States.




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