Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Needing Prayers for a Family in NW Tennessee…

I edited this title of my original post because of a tragedy that has happened to my daughter’s friend…

My daugter’s workfriend lost her daughter in a car wreck nine months ago Monday, yesterday her husbands’ son was killed in a motorcycle wreck, may you please remember this family in your thoughts and prayers this week and next…I don’t know how to address losing two of your precious children in nine months time…


You know, we have no control over most of the people who come into our lives…but, sometimes we just get lucky. I got lucky with this young man…he’s my son-in-law…Could I have ordered a better one??? Absolutely not…he’s a keeper, and I’m proud to say he’s a valuable part of our family everyday. Isn’t God Great???


I trust him everyday with my most loved daughter in the world and he handles it with class, even if he has to feed zebras and pigs for my blog posts!!! Terry and Lindsey have been married for nine years and Michael and I have been married for ten years, crazy, huh…

Love ya, Terry…


  1. Oh Becky, my heart is breaking for that family, the friends of your daughter. Losing one child -- and then another -- unimaginable. I don't know them or their names, but I will pray for them -- the Lord knows who they are.
    PS You have one lucky son-in-law!

  2. Dear Becky, I am so sorry to hear about your daughters workfriends son and daughter, I will certainly remember them in my prayers.

    How good to have a wonderful son in law and one that looks after giraffes, my favourites.Jackie.

  3. What a wonderful post. Sorry to hear about your friends...your daughter's work friends.

    Y'know...looking at your photos, he looks like the guy who does the A T&T commercials [I think}...he was also on "Yes, Dear" [TV] what's his name...anyway, he looks like he could be his double.

    My Wednesday issue is posted. Come see my lighted Christmas Village HERE.

  4. Love the zebra shots! I have two son-in-laws that would do the same for me and give me blog fodder photos. I think zebras are are pretty striking looking animal.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (now where are my zebra print tights??)

  5. Becky, your header is awesome. I love what you did and the photos are so precious.

    I am heartbroken for the family who lost two children. How sad for them. I will pray for their family for sure.

    Love the son-in-law post. We too have wonderful son-in-laws. We are truly blessed.

    Christmas hugs, Jeanne

  6. It's great that you have such a positive relationship with your son-in-law. That doesn't always happen! And he looks pretty cute feeding all those critters!

  7. What a beautiful post. I am sad about the lady who lost two of her children. How can things like tht happen.

  8. Terry your page is so beautiful. I'm sorry to hear of the accident.
    Your precious white fur baby looks identical to our rescue Lucky. He's a Bichon 11 years old.
    Loved being here today.
    Happy OW
    Love Claudie

  9. Hi Becky, these are terrible news. I'll have that family in my prayers. May they have better times to come.
    I wanted to thank you for visiting Casa Haus. The weed was such a beautiful gift for me. I love meeting new bloggers. Your blog is beautiful! Have a happy day!

  10. Such a heartbreak to lose loved ones in such tragedies ... I'll include them all in my prayers.
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Becky, such sad news. How tragic.

    As far as your sil goes, I'll bet he's pretty proud of you too! :)

  12. Praying for that dear family...

    Love the pictures of the zebras. They are beautiful animals.

  13. Will surely add that family to my prayer list. Great photos.

  14. I'm sorry to hear about the tragedies in the life of your daughter's colleague. We will definitely keep the family in our prayers.
    It's good to know that your son-in-law is a keeper.

  15. Great photos you have here. My daughter loves to be a zookeeper too. She is still young and she loves animals especially reptiles and horses.

    So sad to hear about the daughter of your daughter's friend. My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolence to the family.

  16. Oh how terrible, Becky.. I will keep that family in my prayers. I cannot imagine one loss like that--muchless two.

    Glad you and your son-in-law have a great relationship.


  17. Thank you for sharing and please know that I am praying for the family, my heart goes out to them.

    Thank you for being a faithful visitor to my blog; I really appreciate it. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  18. A a couple who ride, we are always thinking of those whose lives are lost because of another driver's negligence. I will think of this family often tonight!

  19. Praying ever heart wrenching!

  20. I think you and your blog are great! I have an award for you at The Redhead Riter

    Thanks and enjoy!

  21. Becky, you blog post, photos and mosaic are all wodnerful. I am sorry about the tragic loss of your daughters co workers family. It is so sad. I will say a prayer for them also.



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