Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Rose for All Tablescapers…you deserve it


Starting with a shot of one of my roses…and I’m not a “real” rose gardener…this one grows on the privacy fence and totally takes care of itself…I actually pulled a few weeds from around it yesterday…it will probably kick up its heels and die now…

Now, on to the tablescaping part…I’d like to start by complimenting all of you bloggers who do these tablescapes, you are one dedicated bunch…this stuff is hard…and all of you make it look so easy…so my hat is off to each one of you for giving us such beautiful pictures to drool over…and I truly appreciate all of your efforts…

Come on to my porch…I cut some fresh roses for you…I really did…they smell nice…

I just couldn’t resist this miniature chair…

My old birdhouse looks pretty good with a new “whitewash”…

“Fire King Ware” made in USA…I don’t know if its old or new…just caught my eye and it was cheap…

Just “Keeping it Real” here…GW dishes, right out of the car trunk…boy do they have some sticky tape…OK, I’m a lazy gardener…I even found some lost clippers…hubby has mowed over them twice…lol…

Here’s the “photo assistant”…with her new summer haircut…

…sticky tape…uggghhh

My little Fostoria basket with those roses I picked for all of you…

Thanks for coming…now I need to

  1. Sweep the porch
  2. Load new GW dishes into dishwasher
  3. Put the garden tools away
  4. Cook something for our “real dinner”…
  5. Put my feet up and watch “Dr. Phil”..its 88 degrees here…

Thanks for visiting…



  1. Oh, my goodness! What are talking about? You can certainly set a beautiful table on the porch! I love your newly acquired dishes and the tiny chair just puts the cherry on top! Love those black chairs and your plants and your birdhouse! OH, it's a lovely spot! You did good!!! Really good! The roses are gorgeous too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Wow Becky---You set a beautiful table... That tablecloth is to die for!!! Wow! Of course, you know that I love the roses.

    You got a great deal on your dishes. NOW---my only question: Where's the food?????? I'm hungry!!!!


  3. Your table is just adorable. I love the whole table setting but especially the little miniature chairs. You really have beautiful photography too.

    Thanks for coming to visit my yard today. :)

  4. Beautiful! Love those plates!

    Thanks for dropping by my place and your kind comments.


  5. Thanks so much dropping by my place today and leaving such a kind comment. I enjoyed your tablescape post. Your roses are lovely and the GW dishes are marvelous!!! I have to tell you though, I enjoyed your eye for photography more than anything else. Beautiful pictures!!!

    Have a great week!

    Many hugs...........


  6. Good morning! That is one lovely table and you found some great dishes at GW! I love those!

  7. Hi Becky! Thanks for visiting!
    What a beautiful tablescape! It looks so sweet and inviting. You take wonderful pictures, too.
    I love how you layered the dishes and the 'pop' of color in those gorgeous roses!
    Great job!!

  8. So many great things. I love roses that pour over the fence. These are beautiful. Your tablecloth is really beautiful. Just a lovely table! My little dog is getting his summer cut as I am writing this - he'll be so happy.

  9. What gorgeous photos and tablescape. I think you did a marvelous job. And a pretty good thrifty find, too! If you can get past the packing tape :)

  10. Love the little chair, bird house. Adore the tablecoth!!!!!!!!!!! The dishes are great! I think I have seen them in my Ancor Hocking book, I think they are a collectible! If you want me to look it up let me know.

  11. I love your tablescape. You can set a table with the best of them. I love the birdhouse & the patriotic star you had on it. Loved everything about your tablescape including the table & chairs. And I agree with you about GW sticky tape. Ugh!!!

  12. What beautiful photos and those roses, wow! Your table is wonderful, and I am totally jealous of the FireKing dishes! Love them! The chair is so cute! I wish my GW had good stuff like that! I think peole in these parts are just packrats lol. Great post!

  13. Oh what a pretty setting and a beautiful tablescape! Your roses are sensational. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Becky, Your Roses are gorgeous! Love the whole table setting!!! Thank you so much for joining FYR today! It was so nice to visit with you!!!! Nancy

  15. pretty tablescape, i especially like the black chairs. noticed the blue bubble glass plates on your side bar... i have a place-setting for 12 given to my by my grandmother for my wedding 18 years ago. love, lOve your puppy.

  16. Hi Becky! I really adore your outside tablescape! Love that pop of red with all the great white. The cloth is beautiful. Love those little chairs :0)

  17. Becky...first of all thanks for the roses...they are gorgeous! Your pics are wonderful...feel like I'm right there with ya! Love your tablescape and that teeny little chair is much detail on something so small. :-) Thanks for a lovely TT!
    P.S. I liked the keeping it real shots, too! :-)

  18. I loved this one! Adorable tablescape & thanks for the giggles! ☺ Diane



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