Monday, April 20, 2009

Monkey’s Eyebrow, Bogus Hollow, Possum Trot, Frog Level and Cat’s Corner

 While doing my April 15 post with the Target birds last week I ran across a road sign, it got me thinking about strangely named locations where I live…

Bogus Hollow…yep it’s a real place… and just in case you’d like to live there…here’s a link to some property for sale there…

image IMG_2778

That yellow sign…MellowYellowMondayBadge



Monkey’s Eyebrow is another community that comes to mind for me…it is located about 50 miles or so from where I live…here is some info from Wikipedia about Monkey’s Eyebrow

Monkeys Eyebrow is an unincorporated rural community in Ballard County, Kentucky, United States. It is generally the northwesternmost community in the Jackson Purchase area of western Kentucky that is identified on the highway maps distributed by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. It was formerly frequently mentioned in the signoff message of WPSD-TV in nearby Paducah as the location of its transmitter. The community is part of the Paducah, KY-IL Micropolitan Statistical Area.

A nearby attraction is the state-controlled Ballard County Wildlife Management Area. One theory on the origin of this unique name is that, when looking at a map of Ballard County, it favors a monkey's head. Monkeys Eyebrow is located where the monkey's eyebrow would be located.

A common joke in the region is that the city of Paducah lies halfway between Monkeys Eyebrow and Possum Trot (a tiny community in Marshall County).

There were two Monkey's Eyebrows, commonly known as Old Monkey and New Monkey. One was at the top of a small hill, the other at the bottom. There were stores at both locations. Today, there are no stores. According to an article nearly 30 years ago in the county newspaper, the Advance Yeoman, the area acquired its unique name around the turn of the 20th century.

Stories related to Monkey's Eyebrow and Ballard County can be read at the website, , or monkeys


Now, just to prove we actually have a “Possum Trot”…here is a house for sale with the address…



This home may have a strange address, but look at the view…


This will link you to this home that is for sale at “Possum Trot”… NOOOOOOO, it’s not mine and I don’t know who owns it….just thought it sounded like a “strange name”…

Frog Level Road is another “point of interest”…it’s located near Obion, TN. and I actually went to a wedding there one time…

I couldn’t find a picture of anything on Frog Level Road, but I did find a good ole’ Baptist Church with that address…

Cody Pritchard
4402 Frog Level Rd
Obion 38240



Another place that I’m aware of is “Cats Corner”…yep…I’ve been there, lots of times…there is a community center near there that has the best food “on this earth” when they have their meetings and fundraisers… “Cloverdale Community Center” deserves a mention just because it is close to “Cats Corner”.

a little info about “Cats Corner”…

Cat Corner is a community or populated place (Class Code U6) located in Obion County at latitude 36.214 and longitude -89.414. The elevation is 285 feet. Cat Corner appears on the Miston U.S. Geological Survey Map. Obion County is in the Central time zone (GMT -6). this info came from here…





  1. Fun names... I'm always a bit curious as to just how places get their names.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Awww, that cat is cute.

    Those are some weird names, and I thought Newfoundland in Canada had some strange names! (Well it does, actually, lol)

  3. Great post. I enjoyed the funny names, especially Cat Corner.



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